Ear wax removal
We provide an extensive service to clean your ears properly, while not doing damage to them.

We clean your ears properly

Earwax removal is important in preventing loss of hearing. Using foreign objects like Q-tips can push earwax further into the ear and ultimately cause more issues. Although earwax is essential in protecting your ear from foreign debris that can affect eardrums, an excess of it can lead to infections, pain, and other issues long term. At-home techniques are not thorough and can cause damage to your ears. At Great Lakes Bay Health, we provide safe professional earwax services for all.

Our earwax removal service is safe and will not cause long term issues like q-tips that push earwax further into the ear canal. Earwax blockages can occur because of an overproduction of earwax or improper cleaning. The most common cause is at home ear wax removal that is done incorrectly. That’s why we provide an extensive service to clean your ears properly, while not doing damage to them.

Earwax symptoms

There are many signs that may appear if you are experiencing ear wax buildup including sudden temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, pressure in the ear, ear infections, and earaches. These symptoms can be painful and difficult to resolve with at-home techniques. We provide earwax removal for a total of $60 so that you can go back to normal living without pain or irritation.

Our professional earwax removal is efficient and thorough. We clean your ears of foreign debris and build-up wax safely. If you’re experiencing discomfort because of earwax blockages, we will provide a complete and safe service to relieve your pain and live life freely. Great Lakes Bay Health is here to help. 

Signs of earwax buildup

Sudden or partial
hearing loss

Pressure in
the ear