Hearing Aids
We’ll match you with the perfect pair of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles

There is no “one style fits all” when it comes to prescription hearing aids. GLB offers various styles of hearing aids that are appropriate for each patient’s hearing loss and lifestyle.

Traditional Behind the Ear (BTE)

  • Fits at the top of the ear with a casing that sits behind the ear
  • Worn with a custom ear mold attached to tubing
  • Rechargeable battery options
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Appropriate all degree and type of hearing los

Receiver in the Canal (RIC) or Receiver in the Ear (RIE)

  • Mini BTE- smaller casing which sits behind the ear
  • Uses a thin wire versus standard tubing in a BTE to connect the speaker and the receiver that sitsin the ear canal
  • Rechargeable battery options
  • Open and closed fit options available
  • Good for mild to severe hearing losses

Custom model Hearing Aids

In the Canal (ITC):

  • Impression of the ear for a full shell (full coverage of bowl shaped portion of the ear) or half shell
    fit (partial covering of the bowl shaped portion of the ear).
  • Duel microphones
    rechargeable/wireless connectivity
  • More visible than CIC
  • Best fit for mild to moderate hearing loss

Completely in the Canal (CIC):

  • Impression of the ear that is molded to fit completely inside the ear canal
  • Least visible hearing aid
  • Non-wireless/battery powered
  • Low to high power fitting options