Battery Replacement
We provide hearing aid batteries and make sure they are replaced when necessary.

In with the new. 

Maintenance of hearing aids can be a real hassle at times. There can be a lot of frustration caused by having to remember to charge your hearing aid battery, having to wait for the battery to charge, and then not being able to carry on with your daily routine. This can lead to a lot of frustration and stress. 

For those who do not choose rechargeable batteries, replacing the tiny batteries and re-assembling them on your own can be difficult. In order to ensure that our clients have access to an easy replacement, Great Lakes Bay Hearing provides hearing aid batteries over-the-counter with on-hand staff who can quickly perform a battery change when necessary. 

Brands you can trust.

We partner with only the safest and most well-known brands to ensure that you are getting the highest quality batteries that fit both your hearing aids and your lifestyle. The hearing aid manufacturers we work with are ReSound, Oticon, Phonak and Starkey. Not only do we provide hearing aid battery replacements, but we also offer full service hearing aid cleaning, repair, and troubleshooting. At Great Lakes Bay Hearing, all of your hearing aid needs will be met and exceeded. 

We want you to be able to use your hearing aids to their fullest potential. We can take care of all of your hearing aid maintenance needs at Great Lakes Bay Hearing. So that you don’t have to worry, we provide battery replacement, full hearing aid cleaning, as well as repairs so that your hearing aids work like new and improve your hearing quality. Why spend your time going through the frustration of buying and replacing your hearing aid batteries on your own when you can come to Great Lakes Bay Hearing and we’ll take care of it for you