Over the counter hearing aids
We provide Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved over-the-counter hearing aids (OTC).

Restoring your hearing doesn’t have to be expensive.

Losing hearing can be difficult. Having to ask people to repeat themselves and needing the television volume to be louder can be hard to live with long-term. Many people ignore their hearing loss. They wait too long because typical hearing aids are too expensive or they don’t have the time to get a prescription. 

Many other health issues can arise from neglecting your hearing health. That’s why at Great Lakes Bay Hearing, we provide Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved over-the-counter hearing aids (OTC).

There is no worry when it comes to our hearing aids because they are extremely safe and effective. OTC hearing aids are approved for all adults 18 years of age and older suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss.

They’re convenient and cheaper than the typical hearing aids that need a perscription and a professional fitting. And they don’t require a hearing exam and are ready to set up once purchased. Just pair it to your IPhone and adjust it to your liking. You can go back to having meaningful conversations without the interruption of asking someone to repeat themselves, and living life as you used to.

OTC hearing aids are cheaper because customers do not need to have it professionally fit or pay for professional services for a prescription prior. We want to provide people with mild to moderate hearing loss with a more affordable solution for their lack of hearing. A major goal in providing these hearing aids is to lower the cost of hearing aids and provide them in a more timely manner than typical hearing aids.

Our OTC hearing aids are top of the line and FDA approved. They are safe and effective for those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. Choose the convenient and more affordable way to get back to better hearing.

Hearing should not be treated as a luxury. We provide hearing services for our entire community, and that includes those who cannot afford traditional hearing aids. With this product, we hope to aid a larger population of those who experience hearing loss. Don’t wait, come to Great Lakes Bay Hearing and get one today.